About us

Fitness Festival is the first of its kind and magnitude to hit Northern Colorado, and it made history with the first annual event in 2018! The ultimate goal of the Fort Collins Fitness Festival is to create a strong, health-minded community by uniting and empowering people through fitness!

At Fitness Festival we work diligently year round to create an awesome environment that encourages everyone to live their best lives. Our live DJ and upbeat setting only add to the fun, making the environment positive and motivational. Bringing together top fitness gurus, new fitness technology, and the most well-known companies in Northern Colorado, Fitness Festival continues to bring an experience that you can be a part of year, after year.


fort collins fitness festival


Fort Collins Fitness Festival Founder - Rachel Pastor


Founder, Owner and Fitness Festival Visionary

Rachel Pastor has been working in the fitness industry since 2008. After having gone through her own life transformation in her 20s, she launched herself into a career in her area of passion, health and fitness.

She started off teaching cycling classes and bootcamps. In 2014, Rachel opened her gym called Lifted in Fort Collins, Colorado. There she offers nutrition programs, personal training and small group training. She also works for CycleBar as their lead instructor in Fort Collins, hiring and training new instructors as well as teaching classes.

In 2017 she started working as a coach for Chris and Heidi Powell from Extreme Weight loss edition on ABC. They're team helps people around the world in transforming their lives. Most recently, Rachel created Fitness Festival Events, LLC and puts on fitness events and pop-ups in different areas. The pursuit is to bring together everyone from the various fitness and wellness communities to celebrate together the joy that health and fitness bring to people’s lives through these one-day events.

Rachel’s ultimate goal is to help bring the joy and change she herself experiences through health and fitness to people’s mental, emotional and physical lives.

Fort Collins Fitness Festival Staff - Lindsey


Event Director

Lindsey is passionate about serving her community and encouraging others to find joy through fitness and wellness. Lindsey is a Fort Collins native who has been managing and executing events on a national, and international level for the past 15 years. She resides here in Fort Collins with her husband Chris, and their five children.



Community Outreach/Event Planner

Sydnie was born and raised in Fort Collins. She loves her town with her whole heart! Her passion for fitness and community is the perfect blend to make Fitness Festival Events 2019 off the charts! Sydnie has been teaching group fitness for 7 years at Raintree Athletic Club, she is also a LuluLemon Ambassador, and is Co-Lead CycleStar at CycleBar. When Sydnie is not working out in our community she is working at her salon, or being active with her two young children.


And to the many incredible volunteers who truly make this experience a once in a lifetime event we are grateful for YOU!