A Closer Look At Some Of Our Upcoming Fitness Vendors And Classes


Would you believe the time? With springtime in the full swing of things, the flowers are blooming and the trees are becoming lush, yet again, here in beautiful Fort Collins. What does that mean to us (and you?) Here’s the answer: the Fort Collins Fitness Festival is just around the corner! On Saturday, June 30th, you, your friends, and your family can gear up to be part of this truly special, first-time fitness celebration in Northern Colorado. As the only event of its type, we really think that the first annual Fort Collins Fitness Festival will make history. At this point, we’re only missing one important aspect — you!

Your Time At The First Annual Fort Collins Fitness Festival

Recently, our fitness festival went over what you can expect during your time at this inaugural event. Due to the fact that we have so many incredible vendors and local fitness studios leading classes and spreading the good word of their services at our fitness event, we found it a little difficult to go over every single company in depth. If you’d like to learn more about what each local business is bringing to the table at the Fort Collins Fitness Festival, you’re in the right place! Today’s blog post is dedicated to taking a closer look at some of these nearby businesses that we’ll be representing. If you’re not intrigued by who’s going to be present at our fitness event, then…we can’t say that you didn’t know about them!

Below, you can find some useful resources on our site to help you plan your experience:

Yoga Pod Fort Collins

We figured that it only made sense to begin with our first group workout happening at the iHeartStage. With the intention of starting out your day on a peaceful and flexible note, Yoga Pod will be leading a 7:30am PodFlow2 workout for the community to enjoy. Set to peaceful music to complement the early morning, PodFlow2 will incorporate elements of proper alignment as well as safe and intelligent sequencing progressions.

You’ll come out of the experience a little sweaty, but also detoxified and with reduced levels of stress.

Beautifully Savage

This local boxing studio in Fort Collins will be delivering a heart-pumping, fighter-esque workout incorporating their core methodologies of integrity, physicality, and understanding. With an intense HIIT-based workout from Orangetheory Fitness in between the PodFlow2 session and Beautifully Savage’s boxing workout, you’ll definitely be amped up and ready to unleash your inner fighter. If you have any pent-up aggression, don’t be afraid to release them during this workout! You’ll feel better after you express yourself through exercise.

Lime Light Fitness

Most kids dream of being an astronaut and exploring space beyond Earth. While the Fort Collins Fitness Festival can’t necessarily do that, we can help you defy gravity through the power of Lime Light Fitness. Specializing in pole-based fitness as well as aerial, barre, and yoga, Lime Light’s unique fitness classes are a breath of fresh air compared to hitting the treadmill and using weightlifting machines.

You won’t find these aerial specialists on the main iHeartStage, but you will be able to find them in the vendor area of the festival. Don’t wait too long when you arrive, however! This is a first-come-first-serve offering to put your aerial skills and core strength to the test.

Pursuit Nutrition & Training Center

If you want to know more about the intersection between nutrition and exercise, Pursuit Nutrition & Training Center will be a valuable resource to you. This one-of-a-kind nutrition-first training facility in Windsor offers custom-tailored nutrition coaching alongside fitness training, understanding that everyone’s needs are different and each individual possesses a unique body chemistry. We highly recommend visiting these guys at our vendor area to learn more about living an overall healthy lifestyle that is conducive to exercise and fitness!

Stay Tuned For More Information About Our Upcoming Vendors And Classes

The excitement and anticipation are building! Soon, Northern Colorado will be coming together for our first-time fitness celebration. Are you ready? Get tickets today if you haven’t, and stay tuned with us as the Fort Collins Fitness Festival covers more of the incredible businesses that will make an appearance on June 30th, 2018!

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