Get Inspired For Our Video Contest With These Ideas


What’s better than attending the first annual Fort Collins Fitness Festival? The only thing that could be better is attending our fitness celebration AND being able to lead the main group fitness performance on the main iHeartMedia stage! That’s right. We’ve partnered up with iHeartMedia to hold a video contest for the best group fitness performance. The winning group that gets chosen will get to perform their class, on stage, to thousands of participants at our exciting first-time fitness celebration! If your dream is to lead a massive fitness class – especially one that’s dance-based, this is your perfect opportunity to do, and the team at the Fort Collins Fitness Festival is thrilled to share this opportunity with the Northern Colorado community.

Be a Central Part of Something New at the Fort Collins Fitness Festival!

Open to anyone, our video contest is your time to shine. Here’s the deal: simply submit a video of a fitness or dance-based fitness class that’s a maximum of five minutes in length. The class must be equipment-free, and should also be something that you can easily coach or teach to a large audience – something that you’ll actually be doing in front of thousands of people if you win! Individual or group submissions are allowed. From there, iHeartMedia and members of the Fort Collins Fitness Festival will then pick the top six video submissions, which will then be posted online for the public to vote on! Don’t wait too long, however, because the submission deadline is April 30th.

To learn more about our video contest, visit here. In the meantime, if you’d like to contact the Fort Collins Fitness Festival with any questions about our contest or our fitness celebration in general, as always, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch with ustoday! Read on below to absorb these ideas and get inspired to make your very own workout video – we can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with.

Get Your Salsa Flair On

Salsa is a great go-to dance, and when it comes to working out and moving those hips, it really doesn’t get better than a salsa workout. You’re sure to get everyone’s thighs burning after even just a few minutes of hip gyrating, and you might even help strangers meet new people by finding a dance partner. Here’s an idea: have two shy individuals meet up and introduce themselves over a salsa dance. If salsa isn’t an interactive bonding experience, then we’re not sure what is.

Spell Out Different Words With Your Body

At first glance, this idea might not make much sense, but hear us out. This idea only works in a group setting, but by laying down and extending your arms and legs in certain directions next to each other, you’ll be able to make different shapes or spell out words as if you’re writing them. Start with simple, easy words and gradually work your way to more complex words. Just make sure to keep it easy to follow for the crowd!

Lead a Hip-Hop-Infused Yoga Class

Is it yoga with a side of hip-hop, or hip-hop with a side of yoga? We’ll let you make the call on that one, because what you want in your video is completely up to you! With lively hip-hop beats to pump up the energy as you guide Northern Colorado through your favorite yoga exercises, this could be a great way to combine the flexibility of yoga with the raw movement of hip-hop.

Star In an “Air Band”

Okay, so maybe we’re just getting a little silly with these workout video ideas, but the idea is to give you crazy ideas to go off of. Imagine running around in an “air band” where you and a small group of participants are each “playing” instruments – you know, think of the classic air guitar. Perhaps we’re stretching the good ol’ imagination pretty far on this idea, but who doesn’t want to pretend like they’re in a rock band while getting a workout in the process?

Get Creative and Get Moving For Our Exciting Video Contest!

If you’ve ever wanted to lead a massive fitness class, this is your time to shine! Learn more about the details of our fitness celebration video contest today or feel free to get in touch with the Fort Collins Fitness Festival with any questions. We look forward to your submissions!