Listening To Music While You Workout


If you just can’t seem to get into your workout with blasting some tunes, let us assure you right off the bat that it’s completely fine to do so! In fact, there is a multitude of scientific evidence to suggest that pairing our favorite tracks with exercise can help you get much more out of the experience. From the motivation to do another rep of weights to keeping pace when you’re jogging, music is an incredible universal force that many people just can’t seem to live without. Seriously, from the office to driving to seeing concerts, music is everywhere, and for good reason.

Get Moving At The Fort Collins Fitness Festival!

The Fort Collins Fitness Festival embraces the moving powers of music, and that’s why we’re featuring a live DJ to create an upbeat, fun setting. Our first-time fitness event believes that exercise should be positive and emotional, and we know that festival attendees are going to love being active with some awesome music in the background! Discover more about what’s going to be at the June 2018 Fort Collins Fitness Festival by visiting here, and if you happen to have any fitness event ideas, feel free to get in touch with us!

The Good Type Of Distraction

Distractions tend to annoy us if we’re at work, school or home, but a distraction from the physical toil of exercising is usually a welcome thing for most people. Indeed, studies have suggested that working out with music makes people less aware of their exertion. Generally speaking, the more upbeat the music, the more information our brains have to process, which helps take your thoughts away from the pain of your workout.

Getting “In The Zone”

We all know how the song “Eye Of The Tiger” makes us feel. Everyone has their go-to song that gets them pumped up and fully focused on the task at hand. We associate certain songs with memories and often relate to the context in which we originally heard them. Channeling in positive memories or embodying the emotion being conveyed by the artist helps motivate us to tackle our workout routines and improve physical performance. When you really think about it, music truly is incredible.

Keep Your Pace With The Beat

As it turns out, the rhythm of your workout music stimulates the motor area of the brain in terms of when to move, which helps self-paced exercises like running or weightlifting. Utilizing these time signals in our music helps us use our energy more efficiently because keeping a steady pace is much easier on our bodies than fluctuating throughout a sweat session.

The Beat Is Infectious

It’s not like you’re going to be listening to music that you don’t like, especially when it comes to working out. That beat is infectious, isn’t it? Even if you’re bumping some Mozart at the gym (hey, whatever it takes!), your own musical tastes encourage you to get physical exercise by moving around. No matter how much you’re dreading your workout, your playlist is bound to get you moving.

Elevate Your Mood

We intend to create a positive and fun atmosphere at our local fitness event as we mentioned earlier. We couldn’t do this without the help of a live DJ! People listen to music for many reasons, and two important ones are to change their mood and find self-awareness. No matter what happened earlier in the day, you can use your favorite tracks to escape any negative feelings and power through your workout. Plus, the feeling of completion is priceless.

Groove With Us In June

Don’t miss Fort Collins’ first annual fitness celebration! With plenty of upbeat music and a positive, wholesome atmosphere, you won’t need to keeping searching “fitness events near me.” Learn more about why we stand out among other Colorado fitness events here.

Get Your Jam On With Us!