Looking At The Benefits Of Heart Rate Training


Chances are that you may have heard of high-intensity interval training before, also known as “HIIT.” If you’re familiar, then you’re probably also aware that the popularity of HIIT is, shall we say, a hit! All cheesiness aside, high-intensity cardio exercise has been sweeping the country over recent years for a number of great reasons that we’ll be getting into below. Orangetheory Fitness has optimized the HIIT model and created their own heart rate training programs that have improved the lives of many, and we’re incredibly excited to have this program as a part of the first annual 2018 Fort Collins Fitness Festival!

Fort Collins Fitness Festival Welcomes Heart Rate Training

Really, who doesn’t want a more efficient workout? With numerous benefits like extended calorie burn, heart rate training participants use a heart rate monitor to track their progress in real time, watching their heart rate climb as they sprint or pedal in short bursts of energy. We’ll get to more on that below in today’s blog post, but the Fort Collins Fitness Festival cannot express our excitement enough about HR training and our upcoming first annual fitness event! Be a part of history this year by attending Northern Colorado’s very first exercise celebration. Visit here for ticket information.

The Physiology

With the power of short but intense bursts of physical activity (again, “HIIT”), this then leads to an effect known as excess post-exercise oxygen consumption, or EPOC. During the course of the one-hour training session, through multiple exercise intervals, participants are intended to reach at least twelve minutes of training at 84 percent or higher of their individual maximum heart rate. By using their entire body during the intense workout, participants are able to stimulate their metabolism and experience increased energy after each exercise interval. By producing EPOC through these bursts of activity, the body craves oxygen at a higher rate than before the heart rate training workout. This is also known as “oxygen debt.”

So, believe it or not, what’s really cool is that heart rate training participants at Orangetheory Fitness are able to burn additional calories well after the workout is done! Seriously, the body continues to use oxygen and burn more calories as if you were still working out, resulting in a 200-400 calorie increase to metabolism for some 24-36 hours after the training session. Naturally, we’d challenge you to try this out for yourself if you don’t believe us.

Different Heart Rate Zones

These days, your doctor isn’t the only one monitoring your heart rate. Out and about, you’ll see tons of fitness junkies equipped with their fancy fitness watches tracking various metrics. But how is this data really useful and conducive to a calorie-torching, muscle-strengthening and aerobically-challenging workout? Well, Orangetheory Fitness actually makes it simple with their five heart rate zones, in which the orange zone, or zone four, consists of the “optimal” heart rate zone of around 84-91 percent of your max HR. We mentioned EPOC above, and this is where such an effect is achieved.

Staying Motivated And Moving

For people that tend to get bored easily, Orangetheory classes are never the same as the day before. These intense exercise sessions are designed to motivate participants with the verbal encouragement of highly qualified coaches. The group dynamic is also a huge motivating factor for many people, providing proven exercise benefits like support, energy, endurance, and accountability. Upbeat music and a “gamified” environment seal the deal, wherein participants will receive points based on the amount of time spent in a certain heart rate zone. Again, the orange zone is ideal for optimal calorie burn and a strengthening workout.

An Individualized Workout Experience

While participants might be exercising in a group setting, each heart rate zone is completely relative to each individual. This makes sense, of course, as everyone is at a different fitness level complete with unique physiology and body composition. What’s awesome about this one-hour workout is that you’re effectively getting the training benefits of a personal trainer, but you still have the group dynamic, empowering one another movement by movement.

Come Join The Fun At Fort Collins Fitness Festival!

So, at this point, how does embarking on a first-time Orangetheory heart rate training workout at CSU’s new football stadium sound? The first annual Fort Collins Fitness Festival will feature exercise classes like these and so much more, including a variety of vendors, fun event competitions, upbeat music from a live DJ, and even more! Get in touch with our fitness celebration today.

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