Why Getting Outside And Being Active Is Healthy For You


Who really wants to sit around in an office all day or spend all of their time indoors when there’s a beautiful Colorado day outside to be enjoyed? If you ask us, outdoor fitness is one of the best parts about residing in this incredible western state, and millions of Coloradans take advantage of the mountains and our other natural landscapes by playing and spending time outdoors. From the essential Vitamin D provided by the warm sun to the cool, refreshing fall breeze, going outside just seems like the healthy thing to do.

Come Be Part Of A First-Time Event That You Can’t Miss!

We’re excited about the outdoors and the vast beauty of our home state because the Fort Collins Fitness Festival is proud to introduce our first annual outdoor fitness event taking place at the new Sonny Lubick Stadium at CSU on June 30, 2018! This special event is designed to be a fitness celebration and an exercise party by providing our local residents with an incredible opportunity to lace up those sneakers, get outside, and get moving as a community! As the date gets closer for this history-making fitness festival, we’ll be updating our website and future blog posts with more information for you.

For now, learn more about the Fort Collins Fitness Festival by visiting here. Seeing as our fitness festival will be outside at CSU’s Sonny Lubick Stadium, our first blog post is going to be about our love for the outdoors and why being active outdoors is good for your health. Let’s dive in!

Getting Outdoors Gets You Moving

When we go outside to do just about anything, we naturally move around more. It makes sense, right? It seems to come with the territory. Studies have found that those who run or bike outside end up exerting more energy and burning more calories than those who use treadmills or stationary bikes. Other studies have found that when people exercise, they enjoy it more when they do it outside and will do it for longer periods of time, thus burning more calories.

You’ll Have More Energy

Other studies have shown that those who walked outside reported higher levels of vitality and natural energy. When people feel depleted, they often reach for a cup of coffee or an energy drink, but a better way to get energized might just be to connect with nature and take a nice walk around outside. It seems pretty simple to us. Besides, who doesn’t want more energy to tackle their day-to-day responsibilities?

The Sights Aren’t Bad, Either

The Fort Collins Fitness Festival takes place in…well, Fort Collins, which is in Northern Colorado. There’s breathtaking beauty to be found in every corner and everything between in this large state, and you just can’t take in all of the sights if you’re at home sitting on the couch all day. Even if you don’t live in Colorado, there are a countless number of locations around the United States and the world that you can visit to appreciate the natural beauty of the Earth. When it comes to being active and immersing yourself in nature, nothing beats a good hike. Ultimately, you create the experience by deciding where you want to go and what you want to do!

Soak Up That Vitamin D

If we’re writing a blog post about why spending time outdoors is awesome for you, mentioning the natural benefits of Vitamin D from the sun’s rays is necessary. If you’re not getting enough Vitamin D in your life, then you’re probably spending too much time indoors because the foods that most Americans eat typically don’t contain enough natural Vitamin D to meet the optimal nutrient requirements.

In fact, low levels of Vitamin D have actually been tied to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, depression, hip fractures, and pregnancy complications. Now, we’re not saying that a lack of Vitamin D will automatically increase these risks for you, but it provides all the more reason to get moderate amounts of sun exposure on your skin every day – shoot for at least 15 minutes, but wear sunscreen if your skin is sensitive or you’re going to be outdoors for an extended period of time.

Get Outside And Celebrate With The Fort Collins Fitness Festival!

There are countless reasons to spend time outdoors; we’ve barely scratched the surface. But coming from us, a fantastic reason to get outside and get moving is to be a part of Fort Collins’ history. Get ready for our first annual fitness celebration by contacting the Fort Collins Fitness Festival today!

Come Make History With Us!