Why We Know You’ll Love Your Time At The Fort Collins Fitness Festival


From the warmth and fresh morning air of the summer to the energy and excitement of our community coming together for an amazing first-time fitness event, there’s a lot to be excited about the Fort Collins Fitness Festival. This first-time Northern Colorado live fitness celebration is truly the first of its kind, and the incredible team behind this event has been working hard for a long time coming to make this possible. As June 30th gets closer and closer, our sponsors and vendors are starting to fill up, fun and engaging activities are getting set into place…the only thing we’re missing is YOU!

Sharing The Excitement About Our Upcoming Fitness Celebration In Fort Collins

Who doesn’t want to be part of a historic, first-time Fort Collins event? There’s nothing quite like sharing the gift of a unique experience, and the Fort Collins Fitness Festival is the perfect opportunity. Our mission is to unite and engage the local community with the main purpose of moving and being active together. Whether it’s your first time in a group fitness setting or you’re a seasoned instructor, the goal of the Fort Collins Fitness Festival is to make everyone feel comfortable with fitness. By empowering each other, we can work together to make Fort Collins and the Northern Colorado community a healthier place!

Learn more about what’s going on at the Fort Collins Fitness Festival by reading here.

You’ll Learn Something New About Yourself

Who doesn’t appreciate a little more insight on themselves? Our first-time fitness event might not be a full-on college course, but when it comes to exercising safely and effectively, there’s a bounty of resources at The Fort Collins Fitness Festival for you to draw on. Have you never been to a yoga class, but you’ve always wanted to try it out? This is your perfect chance. Perhaps you’ll discover that you’re more flexible than you thought you were, or maybe you’ll release some pent-up mental stress that you’ve been carrying for too long.

Either way, as long as you’re willing to be open-minded about the concept of fitness, the chances are strong that you’ll come away from our fitness event knowing something new.

You’ll Experience Stimulating Yet Friendly Competition

If you’re someone who enjoys the adrenaline-filled thrill of racing stride-for-stride into the finish line, the Fort Collins Fitness Festival is perfect for you. We’ll have a series of challenging competitions including a mile race to satisfy the inner-competitor in you. Of course, we’re all in this collective fitness experience together and the experience is all about lifting each other up (even literally, sometimes!), but some friendly competition never hurts. Come pit your efforts against other runners and fitness junkies in Northern Colorado!

You’ll Burn Some Serious Calories

If there’s anything that’s legal to burn, it’s calories. As a bonus, what if we told you that you can burn a lot of calories by dancing? That’s right. Thanks to our live, upbeat DJ, we’ll be blasting energizing tunes throughout our fitness event for participants to dance along to. If you’ve never tried your hand at Zumba, we urge you to check out this dance-based fitness class led by the Fort Collins Club. Seriously, we think that you’ll be surprised at the amount of fun you’ll have and the number of calories you’ll burn. Of course, if Zumba isn’t enough to torch your breakfast, we’ll have many other pumping workouts happening every single hour.

You’ll Check Out Our Local Fitness Vendors

How does the chance to get a workout and shop at the same time sound? At the Fort Collins Fitness Festival, you’ll discover a generous number of esteemed local vendors who are promoting their business. This is a great opportunity to meet local business leaders to learn more about their gym or yoga studio, and this is also an ideal chance to learn more about what you’re looking for in a health club. Our vendors offer a lot for Fort Collins and Northern Colorado at large; think of them as a way to shop local fitness businesses in-person.

Mark Your Calendars For June 30th, 2018!

We’re ready to bring Northern Colorado together for the first-time fitness event of this scale. Are you? Visit here to grab tickets for the first annual Fort Collins Fitness Festival, and if you’re interested in becoming a sponsor or vendor, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch with us today!

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