How Did We Choose the Workouts for the Fitness Festival Night?

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At Fort Collins Fitness Festival, we are all about celebrating the different ways people stay fit in our region. We picked three of our favorite workouts for our upcoming Fitness Festival Night with SoundOff—HIIT, dance, and yoga. Here is why we love them!

HIIT—High Intensity Interval Training

Who doesn’t love a good HIIT workout? If you aren’t familiar, HIIT stands for “high intensity interval training.” It’s the kind of workout you do at Orangetheory Fort Collins or maybe with a trainer or workout video. The exercises come in short bursts and one right after the other, maybe with a short recovery or an active recovery in between exercises.

Why do we love HIIT so much? First of all, it’s perfect for a fitness festival setting because it’s easy to do with no equipment. Plus, the benefits for the body are amazing. HIIT causes people to burn fat more quickly and it increases metabolism.

Dance Party!

You wall flowers might be wondering why we included a dance party in the Festival Night. We promise you won’t have any doubts about it once the music is pumping through your headphones and everyone is rocking out around you!

Dance has lots of amazing health benefits too. Since our theme for this year is Break Free, we hope this event helps you break out of your comfort zone and just experience the pure joy of dancing. People who dance regularly enjoy the benefits of better coordination, improved balance, increased core strength, and more flexibility.

Dance fitness lovers in Fort Collins can experience dance fitness classes at Raintree Athletic Club, Old Town Athletic Club, and more on the regular. But the Festival Night is sure to take dance fitness to the next level with the unique experience of hundreds of people jamming out with their SoundOff headphones on.


We thought the perfect way to finish up the evening is with a yoga class. With so many amazing places to take yoga classes like Meraki Fort Collins and Yoga Pod Fort Collins, we fully expect experienced yogis and novice practitioners alike to be excited about this event.

Yoga is an incredible practice for mind and body. Not only does yoga increase flexibility, improve muscle tone and strength, but it helps keep many of the body systems functioning optimally like the respiratory system, circulatory system, and the nervous system. After a night of fitness, you will leave both invigorated and relaxed after a yoga session with our professional instructors.

See You There!

We could go on about all the benefits of HIIT, dancing, and yoga, but we’d rather just see you at the Fitness Festival Night with SoundOff on March 1st so you can see for yourself! Tickets are going fast so make sure you grab yours for this one-of-a-kind even