3 Things You Didn’t Know About Break Free

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Hopefully, you’ve heard by now our theme for 2019 is Break Free. Here is a look at what the three fearless leaders of Fitness Festival Events—Rachel, Lindsey, and Sydnie—have to say about breaking free and what this theme means to them. And for more, check out a video of them discussing Break Free here.

Break Free from Your Past

We know we can’t be the only ones who have eaten a bag of peanut butter cups in bed at 10 p.m. on a sugar bender. But we are ALL able to break free from past patterns and habits! This is the main takeaway for Lindsey, our Event Director, when it comes to Break Free.

You may have a pattern of bailing on your intentions to work out or a habit of dealing with what life throws your way with all the food. But every day is a new day and you can break free from your old habits whenever you decide!

Break Free from Your Comfort Zone

Your comfort zone keeps you doing the same things in the same ways. For some of you, that’s not getting the results you want. For Sydnie, our Community Outreach and Event Planner, Break Free is all about that feeling you get when you allow yourself to try something new that is outside your comfort zone.

Whether that’s a class at Pure Barre Fort Collins for the least flexible person in town or going to Ascent Rock Climbing Gym for the person who isn’t a fan of heights, we are all empowered when we take on something new.

Break Free from Fear

For Rachel, the Founder of Fitness Festival Events, Break Free is all about faith over fear. And that doesn’t always look the same. It depends on where you are at in life and what challenges are on your plate.

Having faith your body can do something it has never done before, having faith you can get out of that unhealthy relationship, having faith that taking care of yourself will actually make you a happier and more successful person—whatever that looks like for you, we want to stand right there with you!

Break Free 2019

If our Break Free theme inspires something in you, we’d love to see you at one of our events this year! Check out our Fort Collins calendar of events and Break Free with us.

Lindsey Zickrick