Five Strategies to Overhaul Your Entire Health


Five Strategies to Overhaul Your Entire Health

Now is the best time to start living your healthiest life. Thankfully, healthy living doesn’t have to derail and destroy your budget, nor should it be difficult and stressful. Keep reading for some tips that can add positive strategies to your everyday routine.

Sleep Better

Worryingly, our nation suffers from poor sleep, yet a lack of rest can lead to a variety of ailments. When you lose sleep, you eat more calories, are likely to gain weight, have trouble focusing, and may experience serious health risks. Plenty of us keep technology out of the bedroom (the light can keep our minds active) and maintain a regular sleep schedule, but that may not be enough. If you have difficulty with anxiety or with stopping your mind from fixating on work, you should try relaxation techniques before bed. Such processes can stop repetitive or negative thoughts and allow us to relax for a refreshing night.

Declutter for Peace

When you get home after a hard day of work, how do you feel? Is it easy for you to relax, or do things simmer in the back of your mind? Do you think about work, about how the dishes need to be done, but you don’t have the energy to deal with it? Then it's time to declutter by cleaning out your home to create a pleasant space that improves how you feel, and even how well you eat. No one wants to cook in a messy kitchen, after all, especially if it adds dishes to the pile. Take a few weekends and go through the home to rid yourself of surplus stuff, and find designated spots for things you do want. Once that’s done, it might be best to bring in a cleaner or maid to go through your house. This may sound expensive, but, in fact, the service only costs between $108 and $241 in Fort Collins. Once it’s done, all you need to worry about is maintenance.

Stay Active

Physical activity is imperative for good health, yet we needn’t subject ourselves to vigorous workouts for an hour-plus every day. We should, however, try to get 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week. This level, it turns out, is pretty easy to incorporate into our routines. It includes things like yard work or quick walking, while high-intensity workouts — which only require 75 minutes a week — involve things like going for a jog, swim, or hike. Many of us “exercise” without even realizing it, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t elevate what we do. For instance, adding weight work to your routine two days a week can go a long way to raise how you feel.

Keep Your Brain Sharp

Our bodies need activity to stay healthy, but so do our minds. No matter our age or education, doing puzzles or learning new things can stimulate our brains and stave off cognitive decline. You can solve word puzzles, practice Sudoku or crosswords, or read up on a new topic. It only takes a few minutes each day to improve the function of our brains — and it can be fun, too!

Find Time to Eat Right

Eating nutritiously can seem time-consuming not only because we have to shop, cook, and plan, but also because we need to clean up after. Organizing your kitchen can make the latter easier, yet that’s not the only trick to eating well. Don’t keep junk in the home, and get into the habit of batch-prepping everything. When you return from the store, wash and chop the vegetables — or get some pre-chopped to save time. Also, prepare good-for-you snacks to avoid worrying about making them when you're feeling hungry.

You don’t need to constantly be in overdrive. It’s okay to take breaks, eat some junk, and watch your favorite television show instead of going to the gym. However, you should ensure that your healthy choices outweigh your off days. With a little help and the right planning, it’s easy to do.

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Written by- Jennifer McGregor


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