You Will NOT Believe Who is Headlining the FCFF!


Welcome Shaun T to the Main Stage!

The Fort Collins Fitness Festival, the premier fitness festival in Fort Collins, is just a few months away. And we’ve been holding onto some secrets about the big day but we are prepared to reveal a major one. Are you ready? We could not be more excited to announce that Shaun T of the INSANITY workouts is going to headline the fitness festival!

Why Is Shaun T the Perfect Person for Our Event?

We could have gone a lot of directions when looking for a fitness guru or motivational speaker to headline our event. But when we found out what Shaun T is up to these days, we knew he was the perfect fit for our heart and mission. Before we get into it though, if you aren’t familiar with Shaun T, let us catch you up.

Shaun T is a motivational speaker, trainer, dancer, and choreographer. He’s the man behind all the Beachbody INSANITY workouts, as well as HIP HOPS ABS, FOCUS T25, INSANITY MAX:30, CIZE, SHAUN WEEK, and TRANSFORM :20. He was also a dancer for Mariah Carey at the start of his career, as well as Nick and Aaron Carter. AND, he’s a father of twins! His credentials and reputation in the health and fitness world speak for themselves since Shaun T is trusted in over one million homes all over America and beyond.

Transform :20

As you know, we’ve been helping our very own four participants transform their lives from the inside out. We’re coaching them to have healthier minds and bodies—to break free from past mindsets, pain, and habits and move into a holistically healthier future.

Well that is exactly what Shaun T is up to lately too! If you aren’t aware, his newest series is called Transform :20, where you commit to do the workout just 20 minutes a day, six days a week. Shaun T encourages people to put in the work—finding 20 minutes for themselves each day—and promises that if they do they will see big results.

Non-Scale Victories

Shaun T has been on the Today Show several times so far this year introducing the program and showing the nation how anyone can have success when they commit to these workouts. But our favorite part of it? Hearing him talk about “non-scale victories” just like we have been emphasizing with our Transform participants. At Fitness Festival Events, we care about way more than a number on a scale and we want to emphasize that in what we do and who we bring alongside us.

Don’t Miss This Fort Collins Fitness Event!

Whether you are the kind of person who attends all the fitness events in Fort Collins or are just getting your toes wet with prioritizing health and fitness, the Fort Collins Fitness Festival is for you. Get your tickets today and work out with Shaun T in person on September 21st! Also, if you want the chance to meet Shaun T, grab one of our VIP tickets and you will get special access to a meet and greet! VIP tickets are very limited, so get them fast!