Curious About Fitness Competitions? Here's Your Chance to Explore!

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Have you ever thought about competing in a fitness or physique show? For beginners, the process can be intimidating. That’s why we are excited to announce one of the Fitness Festival Events sponsors, Atlas Nutrition, is hosting a Physique Showcase at the Fort Collins Fitness Festival this September. This competition is just another feature of the festival that makes it the best fitness event in Fort Collins!

What is the Physique Showcase?

This one-hour showcase is designed for beginners and is a family-friendly event. We want to hear about participant’s fitness journey and their transformations as much as we want to see toned and strong physiques. This event gives participants a place to get some experience on the stage, practice posing, and gives them a chance to share their story.

Who Can Enter?

There are many details on the sign-up page with what exactly the judges are looking for and what will and won’t be allowed. But anyone who is curious about fitness competitions can enter. There will be a men’s and women’s division and there will be prize money! Judges will be looking for individuals with excellent aesthetic appearance of their physique, as well as each participant’s story and personal transformation.

This is not a bodybuilding competition so extreme muscularity will be marked down. It’s also not an NPC sanctioned competition and not a national qualifying competition.

The Details

The entrance fee is $150 which includes a spray tan and entrance to the entire Fort Collins Fitness Festival as well. There is a $1000 prize pot for both the men’s and women’s divisions so there is prize money to be won! We want to make this a great experience for families so men will compete in boardshorts and women will compete in tasteful bikinis.

Contestants can reach out to Atlas Nutrition for help with posing, and contestants will be asked to do mandatory poses as explained on the sign-up page. Visit the previous link for more details and feel free to reach out to Justin Vetters from Atlas Nutrition at

We are so excited to have this fitness competition as a part of the Fort Collins Fitness Festival. Please tell your friends who might be interested or sign up yourself for this great Fort Collins event!