Audition to Be on the Main Stage!

Winners of the 2018 Main Stage Audition—RIPPED!

Winners of the 2018 Main Stage Audition—RIPPED!

One feature of the Fort Collins Fitness Festival we loved last year—and are so excited to bring back—is the opportunity for one of YOU to lead a workout from the main stage. Of all the events in Fort Collins, we’re not sure if any other provides an opportunity quite like this.

Audition to Be on the Main Stage

Are you a fitness instructor or just someone who loves working out and being on stage? Would you like to lead a big crowd through your favorite workout routine? Then this audition is for you. From July 1st to July 12th, you can upload an audition video (three-minute max) to our website.

Then from July 15th-July 31st, the public will vote on their favorite videos. This year we have two 30-minute slots saved for the people with the most popular videos. We will announce the winners on August 1st and then they need to get ready to take the stage on September 21st!

Who Can Audition for this Fitness Event?

Here is the great news if your interest is already piqued—ANYONE can audition, and the audition can be any kind of fitness. If you have a captivating personality and a great workout routine, we are sure you can shine from the stage. So, if you’re intrigued, starting preparing that audition video and get ready to submit. Then, rally all your friends and family to vote, because the slots will go to the two applicants with the most votes!

Break Free

Since our 2019 theme is Break Free, there couldn’t be a better year to audition to be on the main stage at the fitness festival. Break free of what’s holding you back and send us your clip!