3 Training Tips for the Festival 5K with Orangetheory


Whether you are a seasoned runner or considering the Festival 5K as your first 5K ever, we want this Fort Collins event to be a great experience for everyone. And we are so excited our sponsor Orangetheory is hosting the run. Orangetheory coaches will pace the race for people trying to get a PR or just have accountability. If you think you want to participate but are feeling a little unsure of your running skills, here are 3 tips to help you train for the Fort Collins Fitness Festival 5K.

1) Start Training Now

We’ve got about one month before the Festival. Don’t sweat it! A month is plenty of time to schedule a few runs per week to get your muscles, lungs, and heart into gear. A tried and true method for training for a run is to do two shorter runs each week finishing with one longer run. That might look like two 2-mile runs and one 3.2-mile (5K) run.

If starting with two miles is intimidating, there are MANY couch-to-5K apps/programs out there that start by alternating walking and running to ease you into it. For example, check out this workout guideline from Runner’s World. And to learn about a few group runs you could join between now and then, read our blog post about upcoming fitness events in Norther Colorado.

2) Clean Up Your Diet

Most people probably feel like they could be eating better. Now, one month isn’t enough time to drop 20 pounds by changing your diet. But it is enough time to feed your body with better fuel so you have more energy and perhaps begin to lean out a bit. If you aren’t sure with where to start, try eliminating processed sugar, white flour/processed carbs (focus on whole grains), soda, and sugar-filled beverages. The more whole foods you are able to put into your body, the better you’ll feel! See this article from Healthline for more guidelines to eating clean.

3) Build a Killer Playlist

Nothing gets you pumped up to exercise like a good playlist. Additionally, with running, you can even build a playlist that helps keep your pace up by matching your strides to the beat of the music. You certainly don’t have to get this detailed, but if you’re interested, Jog FM is an awesome website that sorts popular (and obscure) songs by beats per minute according to what mile pace you’re shooting for.

See You There!

Kick of your 2019 Fort Collins Fitness Festival Experience with the Festival 5K with Orangetheory. Compete with a timed bib, or make it a fun run/walk. If you want a timed bib, you can pick one up at either Fort Collins Orangetheory location—Harmony or Drake—from 8-11 am and from 3-6 pm on September 20th.

Lindsey Zickrick